The Natural is one of the greatest baseball movies of all time. Here are a few memorable props from the film.

Seen briefly in the film, this baseball card represented Roy Hobbs' increasing popularity. Shown here are two versions; the first is how the card appeared in the film. Although based on actual cards from the period, the original prop is in color, unlike its historic counterpart (the 1941 Play Ball set). It was scanned at a very high-resolution from one of the original props, then printed using a professional laser printer on heavy card stock. The back of the card is blank, just like the original prop.

The second version is a more authentic, black and white replica, aged using several techniques. The back of the card, contains Hobbs' story and details in the exact style of that era of card.

To the left is an authentic reproduction of the Knight's lightning bolt patch, the team's lucky charm that helped lead them to the World Series. It is professionally made with an iron on-back so it can be easily attached to any material with or without sewing.

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