Jack Sparrow's latest quest includes the unique key sketched onto this old, tattered cloth

Copied carefully from the original prop, this replica is entirely hand-crafted. First the cloth is carefully aged using several techniques to match the dirty, seasoned look of the film prop. Then the key and tally marks are all drawn by hand with a very dark lead pencil. Finally, the entire piece is sprayed with a fixative to prevent the smearing of the details and further aging and fraying of the cloth.

This cast metal key was carefully copied from the original prop, realistically antiqued and has a leather cord.

Although Jack and Will are after the Key of Davy Jones, Elizabeth is more interested in getting this document, a privateer's commission and full pardon from the King of England called a "Letter of Marque".

This reproduction is copied word-for-word from the original prop, has a decorative top border with an image of King George I as well as his signature at the bottom. Below this is the signature of Lord Beckett, the representative of the East India Trading Company who taunts Will and Elizabeth with this pardon. Beside each signature is a wax seal, stamped with each one's personal seal, just like the original prop. The entire parchment is carefully aged using several techniques to give it the appearance of a genuine 17th century document. This large sheet measures about 11" x 16".