Created by author Robert Ludlum and brought to the silver screen with the face of Matt Damon, Jason Bourne is an enigmatic killer in search of his identity across several continents.

When Bourne goes through his safe deposit box at the Swiss Bank, he finds several passports. The first US passport he opens shows the name of Jason Bourne, which he then assumes thereafter.

This replica, based on the olders style US passport, was carefully copied from the original prop as seen on screen.

Contained within its pages are numerous stamps from the Orient, Europe and the Americas. This passport is one of the clues of Bourne's past, following his many travels to exotic locations for reasons unknown...

Also, among his personal effects is a Russian passport with the name "Foma Kiniaev":

Carefully copied from the same style passport as shown in the film, this replica features a professionally gold foiled cover, micro-printed paper and several visa stamps from Bourne's various travels.

Copied from a 90s era Canadian passport, this replica shows Bourne as "Paul Kay":

Clearly shown in Bourne's bank box is this Brazilian Passport, carefully replicated from a genuine original:

Though only briefly shown in the bank box spread, I managed to reproduce Bourne's French passport from a couple of screen grabs.

This replica was copied from an original sample and rest of the details were filled in based on Bourne's other screen used IDs.

Bourne also uses the alias Paul Michael Kane as seen on another US passport in his possession. I produced this replica based on the more modern US passport (with a few minor changes for legal reasons) using the details from the films.

Below is Bourne's French driver's license. This prop is clearly shown when Bourne opens one of his passports, allowing the details to be accurately copied in this replica.

No Bourne display would be complete without stacks of currency. Replicated here are stacks of colored paper with single-sided prints of various bills (one on the top of the stack and the reverse on the bottom) giving the illusion of a stack of 100 notes. Shown here are stacks of 100 US dollars, 50 British Pounds, 50 Swiss Francs and 50 Euros.